TTMDA Summer Workshop 2018

TTMDA Summer Workshop 2018

July 23 - 28

Monterrey, Mexico

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TTMDA Summer Workshop Series

Not your typical workshop, TTMDA Summer Workshop series features power-packed courses by Mamady Keïta and his TTMDA all-star team.

More Than Just A Workshop

Whether you are looking to teach, build on your techniques, widen your repertoire, or dance, each course is specially tailored for you.

Mamady Keïta

Study new rhythms and techniques created by the most accomplished djembe player ever, the legendary Mamady Keïta.

480 USD (336USD Members)

Teacher Training

  • Djembe Facilitation Work
  • Building Djembe Careers: Understanding & Benefit from TTMDA Ecosystem
  • Early Childhood Pedagogy

680 USD (476USD Members)

Traditional Technique & Knowledge

  • Becoming Djembe Instructor: Mamady Keïta’s 10 rhythm breaks
  • Dununba Rhythms
  • Becoming Certified Teacher: Mamady Keïta’s solo originales

580 USD (406USD Members)


Witnessed and endorsed by Mamady Keïta himself, all dance steps in TTMDA’s Dance Performance curriculum are a collection of standard steps from the village and great ballets troupe in Guinea.

480 USD (336USD Members)

Level Appraisement

In Mandingue, even a master djembefola had to be tested and his work examined before being considered a master drummer. Get assessed and receive certificates base on your level and improvement. Check out our level appraisement here to decide if you like to enrol for an appraisement session.
Djembe and Dance Instructor are opened for enrolment as well, at additional cost.

Early Bird Special til 1 May

30% discount applies to Club TTM members. Further 20% discount to total price for signing up 2 or more courses!

TTMDA Summer Workshop 2018 Schedule