TTMDA International Workshop 2024

Djembe Knows No Borders

  • 5 Aug - 11 Aug 2024



Participate in our international event as a Workshop Attendee or Online Supporter. We will be presenting a theatre-style drum and dance performance where we tell the story of how our founder, the late Mamady Keïta, broke down the barriers of gender, race, language and cultural differences to achieve unity among people of different nationalities.


5 Aug - 11 Aug 2024

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Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre (PJ PAC)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Djembe Knows No Borders

As djembe players, we embrace a shared passion for music that knows no barriers - a rhythm that unites us all, regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs. With its rich history rooted in West African traditions, djembe transcends language barriers and speaks directly to the heart. By bringing people together to play, listen, and dance to its enchanting tunes, the djembe promotes cultural exchange, understanding, and unity. Imagine a world where the sound of the djembe echoes through diverse landscapes, bridging divides and celebrating our shared humanity. It’s time to take a stand. Join our movement.

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  • Class A

    MK Djembe Pyramid

    Learn and perform Mamady Keïta Rhythms Djembe Pyramid arrangement with TTMDA international team of Teachers.

  • Class B

    AAA Training

    Intensive Stage Performance Training for Djembe drummers & dancers with Asia All-stars for Africa (AAA).

  • Class C

    MK Djembe Pyramid + AAA Training

    You’ll be drumming / dancing whole day everyday for 7 days!

  • Class D

    Certified Teacher Trainee

    Become a TTMDA Certified Teacher recognised worldwide. Includes MK Djembe Pyramid, AAA Training & 9 months of online Apprentice learning.

  • Class E

    Online Supporter

    Get exclusive online access of workshop materials and daily updates of this intensive 1 week training!


Training Schedule

TTMDA International Workshop 2024 Training Schedule

Accommodation Recommendation

One World Hotel

5 star Hotel

2 min. walk to workshop studio within the same building as workshop location.

Avante Hotel

4 star Hotel

8 min. walk to workshop location via covered walkway.

Empire Damansara

Apartment Rental

10 min. car ride between USD 3–6 each way.

Class A: MK Djembe Pyramid

Includes 5 sessions of MK Djembe Pyramid classes, 2 x rehearsals & 2 x performances events.

A full week of learning unique djembe rhythms and techniques from the late Mamady Keïta, the djembe grandmaster who brought traditional djembe to the rest of the world.

Coined by the late Mamady Keïta, ‘Djembe Pyramid’ is playing a medley of rhythms like how a pyramid is built from a wide bottom to an intensified top. Experience djembe joy through rhythms created by Mamady from a nice and easy start to an intensified climax end!

This 1 full week of workshop classes will be taught and facilitated by the international team of djembe teachers endorsed by Mamady. All TTMDA Teachers went through vigorous training in order to achieve Mamady Keîta’s requirment of being competent in performing and teaching traditional Mandingue percussion music and the cultural knowledge that comes with traditional djembe.

Class B: AAA Training

Includes 4 sessions of djembe/dance training, 6 x rehearsal training & 2 x performances events. Particiption in performance will either be in the role of stage performer or production crew as decided by trainers.

Train, rehearse and perform in a djembe & dance performance production with the best in Asia.

Started by Kelvin Kew, Hiroki Murai & Rumiko Fujii, Asia All-stars for Africa is an annual project that brings together aspiring djembe drummers and dancers to train professionally together for a once-a-year performance production. Trainings are conducted at intense levels leading to percussion showcases and dance choreographies that are intriguing & captivating for audiences.

Besides rigorous drumming and dancing, the 1 full week of training will also enable participants to enhance their skills and experience in the area of performance delivery, stage positioning & production preparation as a djembe drummer / dancer.

Class C: MK Djembe Pyramid + AAA Training

Includes all learnings and trainings from MK Djembe Pyramid & AAA Training classes.

Class D: Certified Teacher Trainee

Includes MK Djembe Pyramid, AAA Training & 9 months of online Apprentice learning.

Join us in our mission to uphold the values of traditional djembe rhythms and technique passed down to us by Mamady Keïta. Be part of an international community of TTMDA Certified Teachers who believe in using djembe to break down barriers for a better world.

Class E: Online Supporter

Recorded lesson videos of all content taught on all workshop days. Live streaming access to workshops on selected time of the day (timing to be confirmed). Unlimited replays for all live streaming sessions.

All content taught at this workshop will be recorded and uploaded to an online space where you can have unlimited access for your own learning. There will also be live streaming of the workshop at selected time of the day everyday which you can access from a dedicated online space.

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