Kelvin Kew

Kelvin Kew

Vice President, Tam Tam Mandingue International

A classically trained musician and a percussion graduate of Los Angeles Music Academy, Kelvin began his study with Mamady in 2006 and have since committed his entire musical career around the djembe.

Kelvin established TTM Singapore shortly after he achieved his accreditation as a Certified Teacher with TTMI in 2008. Just a couple of years later, his diligence in learning djembe and dunun earned him TTMI’s Diploma of Proficiency certificate in 2011. In that same year, Kelvin designed a comprehensive and progressive system for studying djembe and dunun. This was approved by Mamady and agreed upon by all school directors of TTMI. Kelvin further developed and thus created the world’s first-established level assessment program for West African djembe and dunun playing in 2012.

Based in Singapore, Kelvin runs Lîla Drums Productions which he founded in 2005 and is now a leading company in providing djembe classes and workshops in the region of South East Asia. Kelvin is also a leading drum facilitator for corporate seminars and is high in demand by MNCs and government organizations for his vibrant energy and effective insights in his facilitation. Aside from teaching and facilitation, Kelvin had also recorded his debut solo album ‘JUMP’ with his band Fanka Fellas, and was touted as the first ever solo djembe drumming album by an Asian.

I am very blessed to be doing what I do. Music has always been my life and more importantly, playing djembe has further taught me what it means to love and serve the people around us.
It is an honor to be studying with Mamady, a privilege to serve my fellow TTMI teachers and a greater purpose to help bring the values of djembe to every part of the world.
Our purpose in life is really to love, through the djembe we learn how to do that.

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